About Me

Gerassi Corso Kennels, Owner: Dr. Lazar Gerassi BA, MA, D.V.M.

I was born in 1967 and I don’t remember spending one day of my life without a dog.

In 1995 I read an article about a new breed in Italy, the Cane Corso, which was still not recognized by the FCI and my curiosity about the breed was piqued. In 1998 I acquired my first bitch Nelli Puma from Italy.

In 2000, when I finished my veterinary studies, I travelled around Italy and visited most of the kennels there. I purchased a number of dogs from the leading kennels in the world and from the best breeders of Cane Corso in the world, in order to start my own kennels with as large a genetic diversity as possible.

As a graduate of a BA and an MA in animal sciences and as a veterinarian my vision is to breed and safeguard the true Cane Corso, a powerful, athletic work dog, placing special emphasis on its health and character (nature).

Famous dogs from Italy that served as the cornerstone for the Cane Corso breed in the world, served as the breeding foundation for the Gerassi Corso kennels, dogs such as:

Simon (It+Rep Ch) from Simona Tanzarella; Yurak +Cloto (It+Rep. Ch) from Dyrium kennel; Eden It. Ch; Bandito Is Ch. from Degli Elmi kennel. Bayron ((It+Rep. Ch) from La Valle dei Lord Kennel.

Cesare (Multi Euro Ch.) from Timoniere Kennel.

Cheno from Della Porta dipinta and Conan del Dauni.

My knowledge of genetics and the nurturing of animals from my BA and MA studies in animal sciences and my veterinary studies help me greatly in nurturing and breeding. My Gerassi Corso kennel can already boast of three dogs that are world champions and a young bitch that is a European champion:

Ivy Leag Gerassi Corso Junior European Champion 2012 and Tequila Gerassi Corso World Winner 2012.

Dorian Gerassi Corso WW. 2014; Puma Gerassi Corso WW. 2014

in 2014 I my greatest achievement was to be the first breeder in the world to have two dogs, Dorian Gerassi Corso and its daughter Puma Gerassi Corso become world champions by two different Italian judges.

Numerous dogs from the Gerassi Corso kennels are leaders and champions throughout the world:

Shinning Gerassi Corso Portugal and Spain Ch; Shark Gerassi Corso Cyprus Ch. Zeus; Zarina; Star; Ivy Gerassi Corso U.S.A AKC Ch.

I would like to thank Dorit Dembin, manager of the Israeli Center for Dogs in Kfar Ahim, who shows the dogs and molds their characters. The successes I have achieved over the past few years are in great part thanks to her.

A short while ago a highly esteemed breeder, Vito Indiveri, owner of the famous Dyrium kennels in Italy honored me greatly by mating one of his bitches with Dorian and according to him the puppies that were born are the most beautiful that he has ever bred. To me this is coming full-circle and it is a very great honor that breeders from Italy, who are leaders in this breed, are mating their dogs with Dorian and others from my kennel.

The Cane Corso is a watchdog combining power with athleticism and it is also very loyal to the family. The dogs from the Gerassi Corso kennels undergo strict selection and only healthy dogs with a steadfast nature that comply with the standards of the breed are mated.

With Gerassi Corso puppies you will receive the perfect combination of health, character and the correct look of the Italian Cane Corso.

I export only puppies of the highest standard that can proudly represent the name of the Gerassi Corso kennels. To date I have exported only a few, but they are all champions and they all contribute to the betterment of the Cane Corso breed in their country.

I am at your service for any question or request and I hope you enjoy the site

Dr. Lazar Gerassi