The Cane Corso Character

The Cane Corso is a friendly and impressive dog that attracts a great deal of attention wherever it is found. This is a vastly intelligent breed, full of life, that enjoys learning and taking an active part in the family life. In the home the Cane Corso is an easy-going, calm dog and hardly noticeable. Despite its size it behaves in the home with impressive gentleness. The Cane Corso is able to keep itself occupied for long hours and yet it very much enjoys being petted and spoilt and it can play for hours. This is a friendly, loyal breed with a steady calm nature and it is easily trainable. The Cane Corso is also very friendly to other animals and enjoys playing with other dogs.

This is a loyal family dog and it gets along extremely well with children and the family members and displays no aggressive tendencies towards animals in general and dogs in particular.

It is very important to begin the discipline training of the Cane Corso at a young age, as this breed is known for its great strength and the correct education (training) will enable better control of the dog and will enable the owner to derive great pleasure from the dog. The Cane Corso has a very calm easy-going nature, however it will not hesitate to vigorously defend its owner or alternatively anything within its own territory. Like the members of the mastiff breeds, the Cane Corso too is a dog that develops slowly over a period of some three years. Like the other large breeds, this is a sensitive dog and the wrong training or socialization can severely damage its easy-going and friendly character.